Fest Menu and Information

Feast will be prepared for 100 persons at $7.00 each. Only 100 feast reservations are available. Please contact the Event Steward to make feast reservations. Please bring your own table and chairs for the feast.

Please contact the Feast Cook, Sigerth with any questions you have about the feast.


Manchets - Bread

Sallad with Pickled Quail Eggs - Self Explanatory

Farced Quail with Yellow Peppersauce - Quail with ground pork and hardboiled eggs stuffed under the skin with a peppered gravy

Alloes of Beef with Strong Mustard - Thin pieces of beef rolled with herbs, served with mustard

Bohemian Peas - spiced peas

Buttered Worts - apples, anions, carrots, cabbage, bacon and butter

Genovese Tarts - spinach tart

Almond Pudding with Comfits - self explanatory

       wood block print of a period chef

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