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Photos of The Site for Bryn Gwlad's Fall Championship Event
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The site has lots of shade!

And a place for our lovely ladies to rest; P6020044.JPG

The Baron's Bardic Circle will be beyond this area.

More of the lands; P6020013.JPG

Huge old pecan trees; a truly beautiful area.

The lovely shaded lands;P6020004.JPG

The Ship has landed.

The ship has landed; P6020009.JPG

The bailey front while still under concstruction.

Just how big is this fort?

The bailey gate.

Can you defend this gate? P6020015.JPG

A view of the bailey from the tower.

 A wonderful place to see the entire battle; P6020027.JPG

A view of the ship from inside the bailey.

Let's shoot at the ship; P6020022.JPG

The swimming hole.

Now it's time to cool down with a swim; P6020046.JPG

More pictures of the boat and the bailey can be seen at:

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