Candlemas Feast
February 1, 2003 in The Barony of Bryn Gwlad Austin, Texas

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First Remove

French Bread the Best Way
A light, yet crusty traditional bread

Compound Sallet
A salad of spinach and cabbage with capers, figs, and currants

Potage of Pumpkin with Butter
A creamy and spicy blending of pumpkin and onions

Second Remove

Capon in Lemon Sauce
A capon stuffed with lemons, rosemary, and capers, roasted to perfection

Ribbe of Porke in an Orange Ginger Glaze
Pork ribs glazed in an orange marmalade with candied ginger

Mushrums After the Oliver with Grains
Saut�d mushrooms with thyme and orzo

Egges Fried Into Slices
Shredded fried eggs and caramelized onions

Cauliflower served with chives, butter, and hard boiled eggs

Fine Cakes
Lightly toasted gingerbread pancakes

wood block print of a period chef

Third Remove

Crusted Rice Puddings
A hot and aromatic rice pudding topped with caramelized sugar

Drunken Pears
Spiced pears poached in red wine


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