Candlemas Feast
February 1, 2003 in The Barony of Bryn Gwlad Austin, Texas

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  • It seems that Felipe III is not a very effective king. He spends most of his time throwing parties and lets the Duke of Lerma run the country. He isn't nearly the monarch that Philip II was. Rumour has it that he was a big disappointment to his father as well.
  • Spain seems to be having financial problems. They have begun minting a new copper coin called the vellon. Obviously something is wrong if they had to add a worthless copper coin to their currency.
  • Spanish peasants are starving and can not find work. Spain has had to import grain because they can't feed themselves.
  • The Spanish poor and working class pay exorbitant taxes, while the idle rich and clergy pay no taxes. Is there any question why they are running out of money?
  • Spain only made peace with France because they couldn't afford to stay at war with them.
  • Spain has been funneling money in secret to fund rebellions in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.
  • Spain is starting to lose hold on their interests in the New World. The Dutch seem to be giving them a run for their money. Rumour has it that the Dutch are even trying to steal their trade routes.

    United Provinces:

  • Muarits, the younger son of William the Silent of Orange (the Prince of Orange and leader of the rebellion against Spanish rule in the Netherlands) isn't much interested in the politics of the Provinces. He keeps to his palace, the Hague and surrounds himself with artists, architects, mathematicians. He is a known womanizer with a great fondness for virgins, so the rumors suggest. He has not married, but has fathered several bastards by at least 3 or 4 women. He feels secure in his postition as long as there is war with Spain since he feels his military skills are invaluable.
  • Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt is from an ancient and noble family. But rumor has it he is not entitled to the name and holdings. It is said his father is a bastard, a murderer, and that his family is full of prostitutes and various other criminals. He has been referred to as a traitor, but nothing can be proven against him.
  • Oldenbarnevelt is tolerant of other religious beliefs as long as they remain tolerant and do not persecute those whose beliefs are different. Maurits is not tolerant of others views on religion.
  • The Dutch East India Trading Company was started in 1602, by Oldenbarnevelt to compete with the Portuguese for the Eastern trade routes. The Dutch had already been actively trading in this area for some time and the Trading Company was merely an organization of a number of small, independent trading companies into one larger, more powerful group. The main purpose of the Trading Company was to promote trade with Asia. The Dutch felt that the capture of Portuguese outposts and trade with asia would be an important second front that would lead towards the defeat of Spain.
  • The Dutch company was formed only 2 years after Queen Elizabeth granted charter to the Company of Merchants of London Trading Into the East Indies. This trading company granted a monopoly on trade with India and the East to some merchants of London. The original object of this group of merchants was to break the Dutch monopoly of the spice trade with the East Indies.
  • The French and English signed a treaty recognizing the Provinces independence in 1598.
  • Antwerp is the financial center for Europe. All monies from the New World are distributed from Antwerp. Dordrecht is the wine center.

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