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Please join our Barony of Bryn Gwlad while we celebrate the upcoming Yule season and another year of accomplishments.

This year's Yule Revel will be held on Saturday, December 8 at the Maxwell Social Club in Maxwell, TX. Maxwell is located 8 miles west of Lockhart. The hall will open for setup at 10 AM, for the populace at 12:00 noon and we will start clean-up at 11:00 and close the hall at midnight.

Stefan li Rous will be the Event Steward this year and can be reached at 892-0036 or by email at stefanNOSPAMtexas.net

We would like to bring back some of the favorite activities from past Yule Revels such as a gift echange for the children and another pirate-style gift exchange for the adults. We also plan to bring back some of the 'active' games that we have enjoyed in previous years such as Blind-man's bluff as well as dancing.

The Baron and Baroness will be holding Land Court again, where you can pay those taxes you owe and those who have increased in prestige can select their new acreage.

We would like to emphasis period food for this event. The barony will be providing some roast meat, as in the past. This year we are providing Chicken with Orange Sauce, Roast Beef, and Sausage. In period, roast meats were often accompanied by various sauces. We would like to see folks get a chance to try a variety sauces with their meat. Many period sauces are quite easy to prepare and make a good dish for those new to period cooking to try making. There will be some period sauce recipe handouts at meetings and fighter practices for those who are interested. We will have a prize for the most-liked sauce and another for the best period dish.

Since this event is meant to be a party and a celebration, it is my intent that no one spends all of their time working and that we can spread around the work involved so that everyone gets a chance to have fun and no one goes away from this event worn-out. So, please contact one of the following coordinators and volunteer some of your time.

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Activity: Coordinator: Phone number: email address:
Steward: Stefan li Rous  892-0036 stefanNOSPAMtexas.net
Assistant Event Steward: Lord Charles MacKinnon   ldcharlsNOSPAMswbell.net
Gate: Lord Andre de Chartes   rayasmithNOSPAMyahoo.com
Games: open - volunteer needed    
Pot-luck: Lord Alfred Huddlestone   jfeatherlingNOSPAMaustin.rr.com
Site Directions: Kirsten of Skye   kirstenredNOSPAMaustin.rr.com
Website: Baroness Claire Shayhan  280-3591 ecrouchetNOSPAMaustin.rr.com
Hall Decoration: THL Pegasus Devona 926-9770 brandtfamilyNOSPAMsprintmail.com
Dancing: Lady Myfanwy ferch Eifion   myfanwyNOSPAMpug.net 
Baronial Meat Tray: Lady Rosalind Moondragon   rczakesNOSPAMaustin.rr.com
Adult Gift exhange: Lord Conor Sigmundsson   connerNOSPAMapple.com
Children's Gift exchange: Lady Robin Anderson of Ross    aceiaNOSPAMmac.com
Kitchen Clean-up: Lady Catalina Ana de Salamanca   katrinaNOSPAMunreachable.com
Hall Clean-up: Caliban   jbilderNOSPAMactsnet.com

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