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Welcome to Bryn Gwlad's Yule Revel Site.
These are just the work days as we know them so far.
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Yule Revel meetings will now be held every Tuesday night at 7 pm at the Fighter Practice site. We will try to complete our business before announcements, however we may need to resume our meetings afterwards if we still have issues to address. The Yule Revel Staff should plan to attend and all others are welcome.

**************Past announcement**************
We will be having the first planning meeting for the upcoming Bryn Gwlad Yule Revel this Sunday, November 4 at 2:00 pm at the La Madeleine Bakery at 3418 N. Lamar. Their number is 450-0012 if you need more directions.
I am hoping to finish most of this meeting by 4 pm so that those that wish can go to the Cook's Guild meeting.
While this meeting is primarily for those in charge of organizing specific activities for Yule Revel, it is open to any who are interested.*

Stefan li Rous will be the Event Steward this year and can be reached at 892-0036 or by email at stefan@texas.net

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