Cajun Slaw

Spicy slaw with a unique flavor

Revised: Feb 4, 2016


Cajun Potato Salad, a recipe borrowed from famous Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme, is one of my favorites. Spicy, tangy salty, it's a great blend of flavors. Unfortunately it's also a huge pile of carbs. So I developed this slaw to capture some of those flavors with fewer carbs.

Prepare (or buy prepared) these veggies and combine in a large (5qt) bowl or pot:

Mix these ingreedients to make the dressing:

Pour the dressing over the veggies and top with:

Mix well, cover (or put in a covered container) and refrigerate overnight. Stir once before serving.

The one ingredient that may be hard to find is the Cajun seasoning or spice. I recommend avoiding blends that have flavor stablizers (MSG, autolized or hydrolyzed anything, carrageenan, gums) as they will keep your flavors from blending and combining properly. Fortunately you can find plenty of recipes on the internet to mix your own.

How I cheat: I have a 4.5 qt plastic container with a tight fitting lid. I put everything in there and shake it until all is well mixed.