Consistant Measuring for Consistant Results

The goal of proper measuring is to get consistent results and to be able to reproduce the results in a recipe. This is particularly critical for bread and especially if you will use a bread machine. My recipes use a measuring system called "Perfect Measure". The results aren't really perfect but it is quick and gives consistent results which is something a cook really cares about.

Measuring Powders

The goal here is to prevent compression of powders (e.g. flour, corn starch) and level off all measures. Use two measuring scoops, not glass measuring cups. Scoop the powder with one scoop and shake it gradually into the second scoop. When the second scoop is overflowing, scrape it level with a strait edge. Don't use an edge with a curve or contour. That level scoop is your perfect measure.

Measuring Liquids

The goal here is to prevent visual mistakes resulting from bad view angles. Use a clear plastic or glass measuring cup. Place it on a level surface; don't try to hold it in your hand as it will not be level. Bend or squat so your eyes are level with the measure mark you will use on your measuring cup. Pour the liquid until it reaches the measure mark. This is your perfect measure.