Oil Crust

A simple crust with no shortning or butter. - vegan

Now that I have been using this crust for a while I don't know why anyone would want to use shortning crusts. Besides being healtheir (no choleserol, no trans fats, low saturated fats) this crust is tastey, flakey and much more resistant to becoming soggy.

There are many uses for this dough once it is made, so I won't attempt to tell you how to roll out a pie crust or describe the other things to do with the dough. There are plenty of cooking sites that describe all that in detail.

I used some white whole wheat flour to improve the texture of the crust and keep it from being gummy. This is enough for 2 crusts

Sift together

Mix Well With

Mix Again With

I have done this by hand but it is a lot of hand mixing so now I use a mixing machine similar to a KitchenAid.

This recipe should work with any olive oil but it tastes much better with a good quality extra virgin olive oil.