Two Zoo Diets for Sugar Gliders

These came from my vet at The Westgate Pet and Bird Hospital in South Austin, Texas. They should be one of the recommended vets on the ISGA's list on their web stile for vets recommended by Glidertalk List members.

They have done their research and their homework, however they still ask me behavioral questions. They are also qualified with extra training for exotics and care for exotic animals all over the county.

My Vet did warn me that these diets may be for other, larger gliders than sugar gliders and so the serving sizes may be larger than they can eat.

Diet number one
Diet:(Chicago Zoological Park adapted from AAZK Animal Diet Notebook)
Recipe feeds one animal:
1 teaspoon-sized piece each, chopped: apple, carrot, sweet potato, banana
1 teaspoon leaf lettuce
hard-cooked egg yolk
1 Tablespoon Nebraska Feline Diet (or other good quality zoo feline diet such as ZuPreem or Mazuri)
1 dozen meal worms

Diet number two
Sugar Glider and Squirrel Glider Diet (Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia) Recipe feeds two animals:
Apple: 3 grams; Banana/corn: 3 grams; Dog kibble: 1.5 grams; Fly pupae: 1 teaspoon
Grapes/kiwifruit: 3 grams
Leadbeater's Mix (see below): 2 teaspoons
Orange with skin: 4 grams; Pear: 2 grams; Rockmelon/melon/pawpaw: 2grams
Sweet potato: 3 grams
On Wednesdays: feed day old chick; when available,large insects or mealworms

Leadbeater's Mix:
warm water: 450 ml, honey: 450 ml; shelled boiled eggs: 3
high protein baby cereal: 75 grams
vitamin mineral supplement (such as Vionate): 3 tsp
Mix warm water and honey. In a separate container blend eggs until homogenized. To eggs, gradually add honey/water, then vitamin powder, then baby cereal, blending after each addition until smooth.

Sorry, no notes on storage for Leadbeater's mix. I think you can get the Vionate in the Bird section of some pet stores. You can get ZuPreem or exotic feline diet at your Vet's and maybe the vitamin supplement as well.

For a really cute photo essay of one of my sugar gliders, check out this web page: