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His Excellency Thomas of Tenby in celebration of his ascent to the leadership of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad has decreed that he will accept 24 challenges to be fought immediately after his investiture as Baron, by Torchlight.

I, Sir Conor mac Cinneide have the great honor to act as herald, and record all challenges. I shall make himself available immediately after the last court of their Excellencies Pendaran and Jehanne.

    Rules for the Deed of Arms

  1. 24 challenges will be accepted.

  2. Venans shall be allowed to make 3 challenges. If 24 venans shall present themselves, then one challenge from each venan shall be accepted. If fewer than 24 venans present themselves, then some or all of each venan’s 3 challenges shall be accepted.

  3. In order to provide the venans with the greatest chance for glory and honor, his Excellency has chosen five champions who shall represent him on the field. Each of the champions has been chosen for their skill with one of the five weapons that shall be allowed for this deed of arms.

  4. Venans shall be responsible for providing their own armor, and their own single hand swords.

  5. All combats shall be fought with matched weapons, and his Excellency shall provide a pair of matched Great Swords, Bucklers, and Spears for the deed of arms.

  6. Venans who wish to bring their own matched set of Great Swords, Bucklers, or Spears shall make them available to his Excellency immediately before the deed of arms. His Excellency and the champion for that combat shall decide if the weapons are acceptable for the challenge.

  7. Venans may choose to issue their challenges for combat at the barrier, or on the open field, with the exception that Sword & Buckler combat shall be upon the open field.

  8. Venans may choose to issue their challenges with victory to be decided either by standard Society Combat conventions, or by Tournament Company counted blow conventions, as outlined in these rules.

  9. Tournament Company Counted Blow conventions.

    1. Combat shall continue until one combatant has been struck by 3 good blows to any legal target.

    2. Any thrust to the face of any open-faced helm shall be considered disabling, and the combat shall be at an end. Bar grills are used within our Society to cover the opening of an open-faced helm. Combatants whose helms have face plates should count thrusts to the face as one good blow.

    3. Upon being struck by a good blow to any legal target, the combatant shall call out a number to represent the number of times that he has been struck during the combat, 1, 2 or 3.

    4. The effects of blows shall not be acted out.

    5. After being struck for the third time, the combatant shall salute his opponent and yield the field. The victor shall acknowledge that salute, and the combat shall be at an end.

    6. Combatants shall adhere to all other Society Combat conventions.

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