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Gate Keeper = Otter          Deputy Gate Keeper = Mirrim

Clerk Shifts|Cashier Shifts
Shift DateShift TimeVolunteer Name   |   Shift DateShift TimeVolnteer Name
Friday 30 May5:00p-6:00pMirrim & Otter|Friday 30 May5:00p-7:00pLuchlan
Friday 30 May6:00p-8:00pMuirín Ruad ingen uí Bhrian & Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ishbiliyya|Friday 30 May7:00p-9:00pMelicent
Friday 30 May8:00p-10:00pAmy Hartin & Og|Friday 30 May9:00p-11:00pRahman
Friday 30 May10:00p-12:00aBrian Martin & Robert the Scholar|Friday 30 May11:00p-1:00aDore'
Friday 30 May12:00a-1:00aMirrim & Otter|...
Saturday 31 May7:00a-8:00aMirrim & Otter|Saturday 31 May7:00a-9:00aAudette des Grenouilles
Saturday 31 May8:00a-10:00aRhiannon & Wrenne|Saturday 31 May9:00a-11:00aMyfanwy
Saturday 31 May10:00a-12:00pAmy Hartin & Kate (Nan)|Saturday 31 May11:00a-1:00pLuchlan
Saturday 31 May12:00p-1:00pMirrim & Otter|...

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