Texas Face Hugger Massacre

A Sugar Glider Photo Essay

NOTICE: The following story is fictional. All parts are played by actors. No actual humans were harmed in the making of this film. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

Or is it?

mark1 Hi. I'm Markov but you can call me Mark.
mark2 As you can see, I'm a Texas boy. Yes, obviously I am a Sugar Glider as well. When people look at me that's all they see. They say I'm cute . They think I'm soft, fuzzy and harmless. They never say, "What if he is something more?" They never think maybe, just maybe they are in danger. They never even consider that they may be in the same room with the Face Hugger.
mark3 Ha ha! That's right. I am the Face Hugger! You think you are clever to figure that out? Well that secret will never leave this room. Go ahead, try to run. You can't get away.
mark4 I'll catch you before you can even turn away.
mark5 Face Hugger ATTACK!
mark6 And you though Michael Jordan had great hang time
mark7 FACE HUG!!!!

Pleasant dreams, human...