Ansteorran Melee Conventions
Required for Gulf War 2001

This page lists combat conventions which every Ansteorran rapier fighter will be required to follow in any melee activities at Gulf War. This is NOT a full list of rules for rapier fighting, nor even the rules for melee; I assume you already know those or will get them from Ansteorra's home page ( What this page IS is a list of special rules only for Gulf War and further explanations and clarifications of our regular rapier rules as relates to the Gulf War melees. If you have any questions you may e-mail me at I will update this page as new information becomes available.

Caution: keep in mind that some of these conventions only apply to Ansteorrans. Why? Because we expect Ansteorrans to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct on the field. As I go I will try to explain the rules others will be following, but overall you should expect others to follow the minimum requirements in the corporate rapier rules. Don't get angry because someone from the other team is not as cautious as we are required to be -- that person is just following the rules and conventions THEY have been taught. If you do see actual violations of the corporate rules, you are within your rights to discuss it with that person or bring it to the marshals.

The following items were posted January 29, 2001