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Here you will find Bryn Gwlad's Artisan and Bard Competition Information and Ansteorra's Gulf Wars Artisans Competition Information

Please contact the A&S competition coordinator so you can reserve your display space and category for either or both competitions.

You may enter the same pieces in either or both competitions, just indicate so on the sign in registration.

The Bryn Gwlad Artisan/Bard Competition and the Gulf War Artisans Competition will be judged in the same way, at the same times and with the same judging forms but by a different panel of judges.

For information on the Gulf Wars A&S competition at the Gulf War click here. The Ansteorran Gulf Wars Artisans Competition will be run using the same format and judging sheets as the competition at the war. Gulf Wars judging sheets may be found here.

Competitions are being arranged and coordinated in Bryn Gwlad by HL Aerin MacConacher.
Phone contact: H 512 244-7099 w/answering machine, 6 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Email contact: H Jvarner@austin.rr.com (not working, use next email) W Joanna.varner@tdi.state.tx.us.

If you are a Bryn Gwlad or Gulf War competition coordinator, judge or entrant, please contact HL Aerin with any questions or to make arrangements.

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