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The bounty of Bryn Gwlad has been great this year. Candlemas Feast will reflect this good fortune. The hunters have been busy and very successful. Also, tables and chairs will be provided so leave your cares at home and join us for dinner.

Lady Tabitha Baker will prepare a sumptous feast for 125 diners. Feast reservations will only be taken at the door on a first come first served basis.

Feast will be served after A&S Judging has concluded and before evening court. Please refer to the schedule.

Seating for feast may be reserved at the gate as well. You do not have to purchase the feast to reserve a table space.

Table space for feast may be reserved at the gate as you come in. Seating space for feast is unlimited. While you do not have to be present to reserve a space, someone in your party must be to sign up for you. There must be a full name for each space reserved. When you reserve your space you will be able to choose the location of that space from the feast seating chart.

When the feast tables have been set up you will know that your space is reserved and waiting for you.

          Feast Menue     -        for a list of ingredients click here

1st course

Cheese Egg-Lemon Soup
Roast Chicken with Lombard Mustard Sauce
2nd course

Beef Hash
Rice cooked in Beef Broth
Boiled Salad
3rd course

Venison Pastry
Roasted Carrots
Winter Greens Salat with Vinegarette Dressing

Apple Tart

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